ParslFest 2020 - The Parsl Community Meeting

Building on the success of ParslFest 2019, we are hosting the second Parsl Community Meeting as a virtual meeting in two half-day sessions on October 6 and October 7, 2020.

ParslFest brings together researchers, developers, and cyberinfrastructure experts from around the country to discuss experiences using Parsl and to learn more about Parsl.

If you are new to Parsl, check out this BlueWaters tutorial.


Tuesday, October 6, 9 am - 1 pm CDT (14:00 - 18:00 UTC)

9:00 am - Welcome! - Kyle Chard, University of Chicago. Video
9:20 am - Session 1 (Chair: Daniel S. Katz)
  • Akila Ravihansa Perera, Enabling Economical Genome Analyses through Optimization and Scalable Workflows. slides. video.
  • Amanda Wijewickarama/Rajini Wijayawardana, SciFlow project using Parsl to execute Scientific Workflows on HPC resources. slides. video.
  • Dan Laney, ExaWorks: ECP Workflows Project. slides. video.
  • Doug Thain, WorkQueue + Parsl. slides. video.
  • Ioan Petri, Orchestrating knowledge in industrial edge environments. slides. video.
10:30 am - Virtual Meet and Greet - Hosted by Anna Woodard
We'll do several rounds of short one-on-one conversations until you’ve met a bunch of amazing people. To participate, you'll need a Gmail account. Click here to test your login!

11:00 am - Session 2 (Chair: Kyle Chard)
  • Matthew Madany, Solving Hierarchical Neuroscience Probems with Parsl. slides. video.
  • Ian Foster, Targeting SARS-CoV-2 with AI- and HPC-enabled Lead Generation. slides. video.
  • Tom Glanzman, Advancing the Search for Dark Energy with Parsl and HPC. slides. video.
  • Logan Ward, Colmena: Steering Computational Campaigns with Parsl and AI. slides. video.
  • Jean-Baptiste Reynier, Developing a parallelized pipeline to analyze immune infiltration in cancer. slides. video.
12:00 - Break (stretch your legs, or stop by our Gather Town)

12:15 - Tutorials 1:15 - Office Hours (stop by to chat with the Parsl team)

Wednesday, October 7, 1 pm - 5 pm CDT (18:00 - 22:00 UTC)

1:00 pm - Session 3 (Chair: Ben Clifford)
  • Adam Stephens, Managing execution of Dakota evaluations with Parsl. slides. video.
  • Kunkun Tang, Uncertainty Quantification with Parsl in Composite Material Modeling. slides. video.
  • Ravi Madduri, Using Parsl in creating MaPPeRTrac. slides. video.
  • Rajitha Udawalpola/Chandi Witharana, Automated mapping of Arctic permafrost tundra using sub-meter resolution satellite imagery. slides. video.
  • Aarthi Koripelly, Extracting Scientific Information from Free Text Articles. slides. video.
  • Ben Glick, Parsl as a Gateway for Research Computing at a Liberal Arts College. slides. video.
2:15 pm - Break (stretch your legs, or stop by our Gather Town)

2:30 pm - Session 4 (Chair: Anna Woodard)
  • Kelly Rowland, Prototyping a Cromwell Parsl Backend. slides. JAWS docs. Video.
  • Glen Hocky, Calculating molecular free energies using Parsl. slides. video.
  • Engin Arslan, Streamlining computation and communication for distributed science workflows. slides. video.
  • Lincoln Bryant, Jupyter on the Open Science Grid. slides. video.
  • Rafael Ferreira da Silva, WorkflowsRI: Building an Infrastructure for Enabling Systematic Development and Research of Scientific Workflow Management Systems. slides. video.
3:30 pm - Break (stretch your legs, or stop by our Gather Town)

3:45 - Tutorials
  • Alvaro Vidal Torreira, Building modular Parsl workflows in Parallel Works. slides. video.
  • Yadu Babuji, Plug your execution system into Parsl (with example showing how to add Balsam as an executor). video.
4:45 pm - Closing

5:00 - Office Hours (stop by to chat with the Parsl team)


Zoom: Please register and we will send the zoom link.

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ParslFest 2019

The first Parsl community meeting brought together 50 researchers, developers, and cyberinfrastructure experts for a two-day meeting that included presentations and discussions on the first day and tutorials, advanced topics, and helpdesk sessions on the second day.

The ParslFest 2019 page includes the agenda and all presentations from ParslFest 2019.