Users and Collaborators

The users and collaborators listed on this page actively use Parsl to advance their work. Click on the logos to visit their website and learn more about their work and organization. If you're using Parsl and want to be added to this page, please input your details in this Google Doc to be added.


An interdisciplinary center for developing physics-faithful predictive simulations


A prototype package for high-energy collider physics experiment analysis


Expresses logic for how to integrate AI into Parsl workflows

Cooperative Computing Lab

Enables collaborators to easily harness large scale distributed systems. CCL are the developers of the Work Queue and Task Vine executors.


Deep-learning driven technique for adaptive molecular simulations

Dark Energy Survey Collaboration

An international science collaboration for high accuracy measurements of fundamental cosmological parameters


An ecosystem of machine learning models and datasets—made by researchers to simplify ML

Globus Compute

A distributed Function as a Service (FaaS) platform for reliable, scalable, and high-performance remote function execution


An integrated pipeline to overcome the biodiversity digitization gap


A probabilistic diffusion MRI tractography pipeline for high-performance computing


A center for accelerating scientific discovery at the DOE Office of Science through HPC and data analysis


A modular and scalable library for developing interatomic potentials


A free, community-driven, multi-user quantum chemistry database

Quantum Accelerator

A flexible platform for high-throughput computational materials science and quantum chemistry