Parsl is reliant on the collaborative efforts of community contributors who undertake various crucial roles. These responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities, including core development, communication and outreach, and management tasks. Below we outline core project roles and committees and their respective responsibilities. We denote leads of each committee in bold.

We encourage members of the community to join these committees and contribute to the project. If you would like to join a committee, please use this form to indicate your interest:

Membership decisions for each committee are made by a simple majority vote of current members of that committee.


Overall coordination and management of the project, including:

  • Keeping a large-scale view of the Parsl ecosystem
  • Evaluating new affiliated package submissions and review of existing affiliated packages
  • Approving or rejecting Parsl EPs (ParEPS)
  • Arbitrating disagreements in the core package, including final decisions when otherwise deadlocked
  • Maintaining the list of roles and related GitHub permissions
  • Managing finances for the project
  • Coordinating with funding organizations
  • Securing funding for the project via discussions and proposals to funding agencies
  • Monitoring the email account
  • Manage violations of the code of conduct or other ethical concerns
  • Determine and manage the process for paying people from project funding
  • Oversee payment for services, licenses, and travel and other miscellaneous expenses the project pays for
  • Maintain and continuously develop a transparent process for reporting to the wider Parsl community

Coordination Committee Members: Yadu Babuji, Sophie Bui, Kyle Chard, Ben Clifford, Daniel S. Katz, Logan Ward

Code Maintenance

Overall management and maintenance of core code, including:

  • Curating issues, reviewing and merging code contributions, managing releases, etc.
  • Automated testing and release infrastructure
  • Keeping documentation for the release process of the Parsl package up to date
  • Evaluating new pull requests for quality, API consistency, and Parsl coding standards
  • Perform initial triaging of issues and pull requests
  • Keeping track of frequent contributors and their relevant areas of expertise
  • Maintaining the Parsl GitHub repository
  • Maintaining the coordinated package's infrastructure (usually via the helpers and package template
  • Managing the Sphinx infrastructure
  • Implementing changes and improvements to the documentation website
  • Overseeing content (although primary responsibility for content lies with subpackage maintainers)

Code Maintainance Committee Members: Yadu Babuji, Ben Clifford, Logan Ward

Training and Outreach

  • Managing tutorial content, organizing tutorials and outreach events, organizing community meetings
  • Ensuring that documentation and tutorials are internally consistent and cover key areas of the ecosystem
  • Development and testing of notebooks, reviewing issues and contributions to tutorial content, soliciting new content
  • Identify opportunities for workshops and training activities in different locations, working with team members to organize and deliver workshops

Training and Outreach Committee Members: Kyle Chard, Daniel S. Katz


Overall management of communications and promotions across website, Slack, and social media, including:

  • Managing website content and updates through GitHub pull requests to the website repository, which is automatically synced to
  • Maintain Parsl’s social media accounts and content development
  • Monitor/moderate non-technical Slack discussions and email inquiries
  • Keep track of/help organize conferences and workshops

Communications Committee Members: Sophie Bui, Daniel S. Katz

Community Champions (under development)

  • Advocating for and supporting the use of Parsl within their specific communities
  • Facilitate connections and collaborations between members
  • Answer Parsl-related inquiries specific to their domain in Slack and GitHub

Community Champions Committee Members: Sophie Bui (community manager), Logan Ward (Materials Science, Machine Learning)


Parsl project packages are under continuous development by researchers and software developers from around the world. The project is community-driven, with decisions generally made by consensus, but with oversight and organization provided by the coordinating committee.

  • Akila Ravihansa Perera
  • Alec Clowes
  • Alex Hays
  • Andrea Zonca
  • Andrew Litteken
  • Andrew S. Rosen
  • Anna Elizabeth Woodard
  • Ben Clifford
  • Ben Galewsky
  • Benjamin Glick
  • Benjamin Tovar
  • Brandon Butler
  • Christine Simpson
  • Connor Pigg
  • Daniel S. Katz
  • Daniel Smith
  • Darren Govani
  • David Heise
  • Douglas Thain
  • Elizabeth Koning
  • Engin Arslan
  • Eric Lee
  • Erik Husby
  • Geoffrey Lentner
  • gerrick
  • Ian Foster
  • Jacopo Nespolo
  • James Corbett
  • Jan Janssen
  • JG-QuarkNet
  • Joe Baker
  • John Hover
  • Jonas Rübenach
  • Jonathan Hannay
  • Joseph Moon
  • Juan David Garrido
  • Justin Wozniak
  • Kacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)
  • Katrin Leinweber
  • Kelly L. Rowland
  • Kenyi Hurtado
  • Kevin Hunter Kesling
  • Kirill Nagaitsev
  • KiwiFac3
  • Kulshekhar Kabra
  • Kyle Chard
  • Lars Bilke
  • Lincoln Bryant
  • Lindsey Gray
  • Logan Ward
  • Lukasz Lacinski
  • Lyle Hayhurst
  • Marcus Schwarting
  • Matthew Baughman
  • Matthew R. Becker
  • Michael Wilde
  • Mihael Hategan
  • Monica Lewis
  • Paul Price
  • Raphael Fialho
  • Rohan Kumar
  • Ryan Chard
  • Sohit Miglani
  • Sophie Bui
  • T. Andrew Manning
  • Ted Summer
  • Thanh Son Phung
  • Tim Armstrong
  • Tim Shaffer
  • tjdasso
  • Tommaso Comparin
  • Toon Verstraelen
  • Tyler J. Skluzacek
  • Ubuntu
  • Vanessa Sochat
  • Ved Kommalapati
  • Vladimir Khodygo
  • Yadu Nand Babuji
  • Yo Yehudi
  • Yongyan Rao
  • Zhuozhao Li